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Ascites Causes and Treatments

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Available Until: 9/30/2023

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This webinar will take place live on December 14, 2021 at 1:00 pm ET. The recording will be available following the live presentation. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. To educate individuals on the cause and treatment options available for patients with ascites.
  2. Discuss issues with Large Volume Paracentesis.

About the Speaker - Sean Wiley, RRA/RPA, RT(R)(CV)(VI)

Sean Wiley graduated from Weber State University, in Ogden, Utah in 2002 with honors as one of the first Radiology Practitioner Assistants in the nation. He was also one of the first ever to work primarily in the field of Interventional Radiology at the University of Florida. Prior to Weber State University, Sean graduated from the Marion County School of Radiologic Technology and spent 10 years working as a radiologic technologist at Munroe Regional Medical Center becoming certified in cardiovascular imaging (CV) and vascular intervention (VI).

Sean is a member of multiple hospital committees to improve patient satisfaction within bone marrow transplant, dialysis, pediatrics, central venous access and nutritional support. His is also the co-founder of the Academy for Radiology Physician Extenders.

Sean brings with him a lot of experience in the field of radiology and an extreme amount of knowledge in products and procedures associated with Interventional Radiology including designing multiple products. Sean was involved with PFM Medicals Asept Peritoneal/Pleural Drainage catheter, the Morpheus PICC line from Angiodyamics, the Tear-away sheaths from Galt Medical, and the Cannon dialysis catheter from Teleflex/Arrow along with multiple revision of new generation products.

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Accreditation for this course is pending, and will be valid until October, 2023.