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Dealing with Nurse Bullying

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Bullying affects every aspect of nursing and ultimately all aspects of patient care. The concept of bullying, lateral violence, negative behavior is not new. Personally, I suspect that it surfaced in the late 1990’s. 

Nurse Leaders develop professional expectation for their nursing staff and believe these ideals will be implemented by those same individuals. Professional expectations may include, but not be limited to, positive behavior, exceptional patient care, educational excellence and positive intercommunication skills at all levels. While developing these skills may take time for the novice nurse to perfect, the concept of basic human kindness should have been instilled in all of us in childhood.


Presented on Saturday March 20, 2021 at 1:20pm - 2:20pm ET by Karen Green MHA, BSN, RN, CRN, FAARIN.

I graduated from Albert Einstein Medical Center School of Nursing ‘back in the dark ages’ as she says.  In my 48 years as a professional nurse, I often reference those ‘dark ages’ of caring for patients with ‘dial – a – flows’ not IV infusion pumps, life with regular x-rays, not CT Scans or MRIs, Defibrillators with a max energy of 200 joules, and no Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE)!  

How did I practice without the technology of today you ask? 

Early in my career I incorporated my 5 senses in every patient and family interaction. SIGHT showed me skin color, excessive chest wall movements, anxiety; SMELL confirmed the sweet odor of hyperglycemia or the odor of blood; TOUCH indicated skin temperature and texture and even allayed a patient’s anxiety, HEARING sounds of rales, wheezing or silence; VOICE permitted me to talk with patients and verbalize my assessment to physician colleagues so together exceptional care could be provided.    

I initially worked as an emergency nurse in Philadelphia and joined the Emergency Nurses Association (then the Emergency Department Nurses Association).  This was in 1974, the beginning of my belief of membership in my professional organization. As I pursued additional branches of nursing, such as educator, manager, consultant, and radiology/imaging nurse, I remained committed to joining the corresponding nursing organization. It is the importance of this membership I always convey to new nurses I meet.

As a Lifetime Member of the Association for Radiologic & Imaging Nursing (ARIN), formerly the American Radiological Nurses Association (ARNA), I remain committed to the power of nurses, building relationships and teams.  My patients and co-workers mean the world to me. Many are family! I have learned from them and pray I offered my knowledge and support in return.  I strongly believe in service to the nursing profession, orientating new staff, encouraging students, professional service and volunteering! 

My definition of volunteering is to ‘give of oneself to a group of like-minded individuals. Volunteering with ARIN has brought me many gifts such as the gift of knowledge-sharing through educational presentations and the honor of service via National and Local Chapter Board service.  In return I received the gifts of true friendships, dedication of my colleagues to the ARIN cause, and involvement in a group where I could and have made a difference. In my current role as ARIN past President, I support ARINs Vision of “Advancing Radiologic and Imaging Nursing by sharing best practices, robust process improvement and publications around the world”, by facilitating the work of ARIN Task Forces. In these groups, I continue to witness the commitment and dedication of our members to consistently improve and raise up ARIN as THE Organization for Radiologic & Imaging Nursing! 

When I reflect on my many years of service to ARIN, I realize the positive effect my colleagues have had on me and I pray that I have returned the favor to them. In return, my most precious gift has been the friendships I developed with individuals who truly care about me as a person and not just my contributions. Together we continue to grow professionally which translates into our ability to move ARIN forward in the future!