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Frostbite - Are You Ready for Thrombolysis?

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Frostbite injuries are becoming more common in the civilian population and radiology nurses have an essential role in the care of these patients. Proper treatment involves a multidisciplinary approach, initially by emergency medicine, the burn service, and interventional radiology, and eventually involving case management, social services, and occupational and physical therapy. Timely and rapid rewarming in conjunction with catheter-directed intravascular thrombolysis interventions can restore adequate perfusion to the patient’s compromised digits. 

This virtual presentation will utilize case studies of patients who suffered frostbite injuries and underwent intravascular thrombolysis interventions spanning 24-hours or more. Pictures of before and after images of the frostbite injuries will be shown and video clips of extremity angiograms will be used to demonstrate altered perfusion and reperfusion. Nursing care considerations, medication administration, and thrombolysis management in the emergency department, radiology department, and intensive care unit are reviewed.