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Demystifying Device Monitoring for MRI Studies: The Expanded Role of Radiology Nursing

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Available Until: 3/20/2021

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2019 Annual Meeting Tuesday Sessions - Austin

Following the "2017 HRS expert consensus statement on magnetic resonance imaging and radiation exposure in patients with cardiovascular implantable electronic devices" and recent CMS approval (April 2018) of MRI's for device patients, the demand for MRI studies in patients with Pacemakers and ICD's has increased. New guidelines state "it is recommended that personnel with the skill to perform advanced cardiac life support, including expertise in the performance of CPR, arrhythmia recognitions, defibrillation, and transcutaneous pacing accompany the patient" (page e11). This guideline expands the monitoring of MRI device patient to be done by qualified Radiology Nurses with ACLS training. Radiology Nurses are trained in MRI and Radiology safety and care, however, understanding of pacemaker and defibrillators and the potential issues that can occur, are essential to implementing this change into practice. Development of guidelines and provision of education about devices, (including a device worksheet") have enhanced preparation and delivery of safe care for patients with pacemaker and ICD's during MRI studies.