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Challenges and Considerations in the Creation of a Freestanding Interventional Radiology Center

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Although data exists on the safety and efficiency of outpatient minimally invasive surgery centers, there is a lack of similar data for freestanding outpatient interventional radiology centers. If these centers are to become more commonplace, there is need for further evidence to support the safety and efficiency of performing interventional radiology procedures in these settings. In planning and opening a new, freestanding hospital-affiliated interventional radiology center in January 2018, the NYU Langone Radiology department faced a variety of challenges. These challenges included determination of case mix, safety and escalation protocols, appropriate staffing, and other unique considerations that take into account the lack of supporting ancillary services typically found in hospital setting. The continued success of this interventional radiology center can provide useful insights for other departments and sections that are considering pursuing this care model.