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ARIN 2023 Annual Convention - Day 1

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This Course Bundle contains all 2023 ARIN Annual Convention presentations from the Convention on March 5, 2023. 

Please do note that not every sessions has a recording, some sessions only have the CE credit.

Courses in ARIN 2023 Annual Convention - Day 1
  • AC2023S01: Shari Ulman Gold Medal Lecture: Building Teams and Pushing Limits

    Speaker: Dr. Robert Dixon, MD

    Time: 8:15am-9:15am

    Room: Valley of The Sun A,B,C

    This lecture investigates the Interventional Radiology Team: Interventional Technologist, Nurse and Physician – where have we come from and where are we going? It will investigate the components of a team and how to work towards building a successful team. It will also allow the attendee to celebrate our current successes in IR and be congratulated for a job well done during recent healthcare challenges. Lastly, the attendees will be challenged to consider what they can do to raise up the specialty: as team members, as educators and as volunteers. A gaze into the future will conclude this session, allowing attendees to imagine what might be possible in the future.

  • AC2023S02: A History of Xray Innovation, from Roentgen to Today, from Another Part of the World!

    Speaker: Dr. Tim Stevener

    Time: 9:30am-10:15am

    Room: Valley of The Sun A,B,C

    In 1895-96, X-ray was discovered in two places. Most are aware of the discovery in Germany, however, in this lecture we will explore the “other discovery” and its effect on medical imaging and innovation.Through the years, a focus has been placed on reducing radiation exposure while maintaining image quality. This has been challenging, but yet most Xray equipment vendors have been successful thru innovation. Simultaneously, the reduction in overall radiation dose to healthcare providers has also been a focus for many x-ray equipment vendors.Technology and techniques to reduce scatter radiation are apart of what we do each and every day. This lecture will help healthcare providers be knowledgeable of and demonstrate good practices for all healthcare providers protection.

  • AC2023S03: The Other Side of the Glass: The Jim Caridi, MD Memorial Lecture

    Speaker: Dana Kanfoush

    Time: 10:30am-11:30 am

    Room: Valley of The Sun A,B,C

    This lecture/video is a presentation given by Dr. Jim Caridi in 2019 and describes his personal journey with a life ending cancer. His lecture on how he felt being a physician treating patients with the same disease that he current had, was life changing. His remarks and real life experiences will allow the attendee to remember that we are all human and our compassion should never waiver when caring for patients or fellow team members.

  • 072023WEB2: Navigating Treatment for Pulmonary Embolism

    This is a pre-recorded Webinar

    Speaker: Tali Fudim

    We will review the incidence of pulmonary embolism (PE) and the underlying pathophysiology. We will discuss the classification and diagnostic studies used to identify PE. We will also understand the treatment goals based on the pathophysiology of the condition. A multidisciplinary approach to PE will be reviewed, including traditional standard treatment such as anticoagulation and rapidly evolving catheter-based treatments that fall into two categories: catheter-directed thrombolysis and percutaneous suction thrombectomy.

  • 082023WEB: Interventional Radiology Options for the Palliative Care Patient: How Can We Help?

    Speaker: Lauren Miler

    This lecture will be a review of the different IR procedure options available to assist in the care of the palliative care patient.

  • 072023WEB: Using AI to Supplement Diagnostic Imaging and it’s use in Everyday Life

    This is a pre-recorded Webinar

    Speaker: Dr. Allan Brook

    This lecture will describe the new applications of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) and its applications in Radiology Imaging. Also, information will be shared on how AI is used in everyday life and will soon be a part of everyday Radiology Imaging.


  • AC2023S07: Complications and Case Studies – I Need Help!

    Speaker: Melissa Mullen

    Time: 4:15pm -5:15pm

    Room: Valley of The Sun A,B,C

    A consequence of delayed care and missed care due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many healthcare centers are seeing a rise in the number of patients with significant comorbidities. These complex patients are coming to our CT, MRI, and Interventional Radiology (IR) Departments for diagnostic tests or procedures and, due to their extensive medical conditions, are at increased risk for complications. Radiology nurses, technologists, advanced practice providers, and physicians need to be prepared to handle these emergencies as they arise.

    This interactive presentation will review case studies and scenarios where patients developed complications in the IR or CT setting. Multiple choice questions will be asked at different stages of the presentation and audience members will be able to answer and participate in real time through a polling application. Nursing considerations, assessments, interventions, and medication administrations will be discussed. Come join in on the fun as we work together through these scenarios to solve the problems and improve our patient outcomes!