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2019 Annual Meeting Tuesday Sessions - Austin

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Courses in 2019 Annual Meeting Tuesday Sessions - Austin
  • 2019AMTues-GS11: Joanna Po Lecture Series: Advancing Radiology and Nursing through Global Health Outreach

  • 2019AMTues-CS06: Compassion Fatigue: A Radiology Nurse's Unwanted Companion

  • 2019AMTues-CS09: Interventional Radiology Patient Safety and Staff Engagement: A Collaborative Approach for Success

  • 2019AMTues-CS10: Challenges and Considerations in the Creation of a Freestanding Interventional Radiology Center

  • 2019AMTues-CS11: The 5C's for Developing an Effective Poster Presentation - Workshop

  • 2019AMTues-CS12: Demystifying Device Monitoring for MRI Studies: The Expanded Role of Radiology Nursing

  • 2019AMTues-CS14: Pediatric Workshop - 2 hour session

  • 2019AMTues-CS15: Factors that Influence the Experience of Patients Receiving Implanted Venous Access Ports

  • 2019AMTues-CS16: Procedural Sedation: An Education Review

  • 2019AMTues-CS17: Defining and Development of the Role of the Nurse Practitioner within a Radiology Department

  • 2019AMTues-CS18: Nursing Management in Prostate Artery Embolization

    Presented By:
    Paul Jusay, DNP, ACNP-BC, AOCNP