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2019 Annual Meeting Tuesday Sessions - Austin

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  • 2019AMTues-GS11: Joanna Po Lecture Series: Advancing Radiology and Nursing through Global Health Outreach

    Presented on March 26th by:
    Patricia A. DuCharme, MSN, RN, ANP-BC
    Sarah Wilson, BSN, RN, CRN
    Carrie Furberg, BSN, BA, RN, CRN

    Patricia A. DuCharme, is a Registered Nurse, Board Certified Advanced Practice Nurse with extensive clinical, and management experience in primary care and international health. She earned a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Georgetown University and her Masters of Science in Nursing from Boston College and is an active member of Sigma Theta Tau. Prior to joining RAD-AID International she managed corporate health departments for both Citibank and Revlon Corporations in New York City and worked in the Regional Medical Office of the U.S. Department of State in Hong Kong and the Regional Medical Office and Medevac Centre at the U.S. Embassy in Singapore. In her role as RAD-AID’s Director for Nursing, Patricia is developing international nursing programs to advance nursing practice globally with a focus on nursing education, clinical skills training, policy development and public health education within RAD-AID’s global programs. To learn more about RAD-AID Nursing, please email

    Sarah Wilson has been an RN for 14 years, the last 9 in Imaging. She obtained national certification in 2012. She has served as the Nurse Manager for Imaging at Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System since 2014, and has had the pleasure of serving on the ARIN BOD as Director of Leadership since 2017. She has enjoyed being an integral part of fostering the growth of Imaging Nursing not only as a profession, but promoting and advocating othe ARIN position as leaders in Imaging as a whole. Her contributions to Imaging Nursing have been recognized internationally.

    Carrie Furberg is a Certified Radiology Nurse at UNC Medical Center, an 803-bed teaching hospital located on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
    She has over ten years’ experience in radiology nursing at UNC across all areas of imaging, including X-Ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, PET, Mammography, and Vascular/Interventional Radiology. She also has experience in critical care and emergency care.
    Carrie holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from UNC Chapel Hill (1998) and is a proud diploma graduate from one of the oldest nursing schools in North Carolina, Watts School of Nursing (2006). She is currently working on her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at UNC Wilmington.
    Carrie lives in Carrboro, NC with her husband of 14 years, 2 children, 2 cats, and 2 guinea pigs. When not working and parenting, she enjoys reading, traveling, and drumming.

  • 2019AMTues-CS06: Compassion Fatigue: A Radiology Nurse's Unwanted Companion

    Presented on Tuesday, March 26th by Cathy Brown, BScN, RN, CRN

    Cathy Brown earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree with distinction from the University of Alberta in 1991. After ten years in labor and delivery Cathy moved to diagnostic imaging. Since 2010 Cathy has been the Diagnostic Imaging Nurse Navigator, responsible for a caseload including patients with hepatocellular carcinoma, radiologically placed tubes, and those from distant locales. She is responsible for clinic consultations, patient education, and follow-up as well as organizing multidisciplinary rounds with gastroenterologists, urologists and thoracic surgeons. Cathy is the only Certified Radiology Nurse in Alberta and one of three in Canada.

  • 2019AMTues-CS09: Interventional Radiology Patient Safety and Staff Engagement: A Collaborative Approach for Success

    Presented on March 26 by: Colleen A. Wise, MA, BSN, RN
    56 year old nurse leader
    MA Teachers College, Columbia University University NY, NY
    BSN Hunter College, NY, NY
    Diploma St Josephs School of Nursing Syracuse, NY

  • 2019AMTues-CS10: Challenges and Considerations in the Creation of a Freestanding Interventional Radiology Center

    Presented on March 26th by:

    Danielle Chevalier, BSN, RN, CRN

    Danielle Chevalier has over 18 years of clinical nursing experience. Danielle earned her BSN in Nursing from Syracuse University in 1999. She began working in the Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit at NYU Langone Health after graduation. <br>In 2006, Danielle took a position in the Vascular/Neuro Interventional Radiology Unit at NYU. In her years in IR, Mrs. Chevalier worked as charge nurse, a preceptor to new nurses, and served on the department’s nursing practice council dedicated to creating and implementing new hospital policies to improve patient care. She was the unit’s first nurse to earn her certification in Radiology and Imaging Nursing. Mrs. Chevalier took on a leadership position in the new Interventional Radiology Center NYU opened in 2017, one of the first of its kind in the greater New York City Metropolitan area.

  • 2019AMTues-CS11: The 5C's for Developing an Effective Poster Presentation - Workshop

    Presented on March 26th by:
    Muriel Moyo, MS, BSN, RN, CCRN-K, NE-BC

    Nurse manager for the radiology department at Keck Medical Center of USC, oversees nursing in all radiology modalities inpatient and outpatient and the gamma unit. Emerging nurse leader with a passion for process improvement and knowledge sharing.

  • 2019AMTues-CS12: Demystifying Device Monitoring for MRI Studies: The Expanded Role of Radiology Nursing

    Presented on March 26th by: Karen L. Magri, RN, CRN

    Karen Magri has extensive cardiac experience in a variety of clinical settings including ICU, Emergency Department, Chest Pain Center, Electrophysiology Lab (where pacemakers and ICD's are implanted), and most recently Radiology Nursing where she facilitated training of Radiology Nurses for device monitoring.

  • 2019AMTues-CS15: Factors that Influence the Experience of Patients Receiving Implanted Venous Access Ports

    Presented on March 26th by Arvilla Johnson, DM, MA, RN, NEA-BC
    Steven D. Jones Jr, BSN, RN

    Dr. Johnson is the Director of Vascular and Interventional Services, Imaging Nursing, and Vascular Surgery Services at UNC Healthcare. She has been in healthcare for over 30 years. Dr. Johnson’s background includes, Cardiac and Intensive Care, ED and Trauma Surgery Service, and served 10 years in the Army Reserves as a Nurse. She has her Doctorate in Management with a sub specialty in Information Technology, a Masters in Administration, and a Bachelors in Nursing. Her experience in healthcare extends from rural and academic medical center nursing and leadership to clinical research operations, and serves as a healthcare consultant.

    Steven Jones was born and raised in the Southeastern U.S., I attended the University of North Carolina – Wilmington completing my BSN. Encompassed in my 18-year career is a broad clinical background including experiences in departments such as the ED, critical care, interventional/procedural, management, and nursing education. While serving for two terms on the UNC Nursing Research Council I developed a love, and finally, a true understanding of how the clinical research process works. This passion has translated into original, research projects that are championed by nursing and address issues regarding standards of practice and quality improvement.

  • 2019AMTues-CS16: Procedural Sedation: An Education Review

    Presented on March 26th by Heather Abbott, BSN, RN, CCRN

    Heather graduated from Ramapo College with a BSN. in 2010. She worked as a critical care nurse for four years in New Jersey before moving to Interventional Radiology at NYU Langone Health. She is the radiology clinical resource nurse, responsible for developing education and quality improvement projects within the department. She gives monthly lectures on procedural sedation practices to newly hired medical center staff and is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree in Acute Care at New York University. Heather is passionate about continuing education and the implementation of evidence based practices to improve nursing care.


  • 2019AMTues-CS17: Defining and Development of the Role of the Nurse Practitioner within a Radiology Department

    Presented on March 26th by: Beth Hackett, MSN, APRN-BC, DNP

    I began my nursing career in 1979. I worked in various nursing roles until 1993. In 1993 I began work as a Radiology Nurse in a community hospital. Being the first nurse in the department I developed the role with the assistance from many levels of hospital leadership using the Association of Radiologic and Imaging Nursing (ARIN) standards. In 2003 I graduated with an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner degree and proceeded to develop that role in the same setting. As our organization has now acquired additional radiology practices located in multiple hospitals, I am in the process of developing the Nurse Practitioner role across the system to enhance the quality of patient care.


  • 2019AMTues-CS18: Nursing Management in Prostate Artery Embolization

    Presented By:
    Paul Jusay, DNP, ACNP-BC, AOCNP

    I have been in nursing for 15 years with the last 11 years as a Nurse Practitioner. (NP). Background as an NP in the field of neurosurgery, general surgery and the last 6 years in interventional radiology(IR). My passion has been working in IR. In 2017, I completed my Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) with a project titled "Improving First Case Starts in IR" which was also presented in ARIN 2018 convention in Los Angeles.


  • 2019AMTues-LNL2: LIPIODOL®(ETHIODIZED OIL) Use In Radiology Imaging

    Presented on March 26, 2019 and as a webinar May 2019

    By Marie Roman, RN,CRNP

    Understand the indications and use of Lipiodol in radiologic imaging. 2. Understand potential adverse reactions associated with Lipiodol usage