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2018 Annual Meeting Monday Session in Los Angeles

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  • 2018AMMonG9: Joanna Po Lecture Series: Totally Rad Introductory Competencies

    Orientation checklists are traditionally lengthy and often do not contain measurable statements or sufficient verification methods to validate an employee’s competence. Additionally, checklists focus on technical skills while neglecting other areas of competency, such as critical thinking and interpersonal interactions. A large academic medical facility wanted documentation of orientation competencies to be meaningful not just “check the box.” The past three years, master’s prepared nurses specializing in education, led a community of learning (COL) with staff nurses from multiple practice settings to develop a process to validate orientation competencies. Following a literature review, the COL identified a list of core competency categories and statements which captured the essence of the role of the frontline nurse, and would be measurable. The COL identified multiple verification methods appropriate to measure various domains of competency. The core competency categories and statements, along with verification methods were sent out via the central nursing staff development committee for implementation. Radiology nursing further developed this framework into competencies that address needs specific to nurses in the imaging environment. This new process provides structure and consistency for introductory competencies, recognizes core knowledge common to all radiology nurses, and meaningfully validates competence in a document that is significantly more concise.

  • 2018AMMonC1: The Experiences of Nurses in the Community Setting Caring for Patients with an Interventional Radiology Drain – An Irish Perspective

  • 2018AMMonC2: Cerebral Aneurysm Management: Nursing Care Matters

  • 2018AMMonC3: Evidence Based Staffing Strategies Improve Patient Flow in Interventional Radiology

  • 2018AMMonC4: Collaborate and Communicate: A Practice Council for Medical Imaging Professions

  • 2018AMMonC5: The Occasional Researcher

  • 2018AMMonC6: You Too Can Publish! - Workshop

  • 2018AMMonC7: Inferior Petrosal Sinus Sampling: The Nursing Role

  • 2018AMMonC8: Vascular Malformations

  • 2018AMMonC9: Redesign of Nursing Orientation in a Medical Imaging Unit: A Pathway to Success

  • 2018AMMonG10: Challenges in Anticoagulation for the IR Team 2018 - SIR JOINT